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Excellica’s mission is enabling organizations & individuals to achieve superior performance through people excellence, agile execution and a high impact culture. We positively provoke you to get a sense of your untapped capability and do what it takes to thrive. We equip you to:

With a collaborative approach, incisive insights, customized delivery formats and frameworks, you’ll gain the know-how to do the work to create something better, different or bigger. If this approach sounds like a fit, it would be a privilege to work with you.


a big hello!


We are excited to see you here and stand ready to work with you to enhance your ability to accomplish results that are important to you, to elevate your impact and achieve your brilliance.

With a professional background spanning strategic roles in diverse industries including news media, airline, international development, education, leadership coaching and consulting. We know how an organization can sell itself short if it doesn’t actively engage and develop employees as partners for success. I have also come across many career-minded who aren’t sure how to astutely show their mettle and stretch their wings in order to advance and grow.

We have no doubt that capable, energized and effective people are indispensable for building productive organisations and robust careers. That is why our work here is about partnering with you to help you get a deep sense of your untapped capability and enable you as an organization, leader or individual to cultivate your talent and people capital for organisational flourishing, stronger careering and higher value outcomes.

”Thank you for visiting. We hope our team will help make happen what you want and leadership journeys.”   Vera Ngoma, Principal