As a leader, your job is never ever business as usual. You have to build the self-awareness, strengths and skills-set to manage high stakes priorities, encounters and relationships. This coaching range helps you do just that and to build your reputation as an effective leader.

Strong Starts

Being in a new leader role can be overwhelming. You need immediate support to contribute at the right level. “Strong starts” guides you through your first 90 days to accelerate the right learning and transition. Negotiating priorities, gaining the confidence of your team, mastering communications will all help you establish credibility early and take charge more effectively.


The leader role is strewn with challenges and figuring things out on your own especially when the curveballs land can be exhausting. It’s wise to have help handy. The intensives - 90mins, half day, full day sessions are timely if you want to work through pressing issues or action planning on key assignments. 3-6month options are available if you want longer strategic support.