transformative leadership

No organization can flourish with leadership from the top only. Inclusive leadership creates the conditions for everyone to step up. These programmes help you target the key levels and areas where stronger leadership will make the most difference.

New leaders

New leaders can feel overwhelmed and need support immediately to contribute at the right level. Position your new leaders early to succeed with coaching throughout their first 90 days to accelerate their learning and transition.

Team leaders

Team leaders are linchpins in any organization, required to catalyze the growth of others and energize performance. This programme enables them optimize talent and to build a focused, productive and resilient teams.

Middle managers

Mid-level managers often feel invisible but are critical to workplace effectiveness as most employees interact with them daily. Equip them to be able to build trust and be the glue and catalyst the organizational needs.

Democratized leadership

Leadership doesn’t and shouldn’t come only from those with big titles. Democratizing opportunity to lead enables employees to show leadership in their roles and to experience the real heights of what they can contribute.